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Financial Literacy Is a Game

Published Sept. 1, 2017, 8:25 p.m. by Intelligent Kids

Financial Literacy is a game. 
How do we define this as a game? Like every other game, the game involves players, the objectives of the game, rules, spectators, commentators, referees, and coach.

When you are choosing a game to play, the way to learn it is getting some coaching/lesson in that game. Just like soccer, by playing the game, you will progress through training, learning the rules to master the game, you will rise from bench warmers to goal strikers.

In the financial world, you are the player, you are actively involved in playing the financial game. If you have income and expense, you are in the game. Some people choose to stay at bench warmer hoping to hit the jackpot. Some choose to develop themselves into goal strikers that will position themselves for opportunities to strike. They might miss a few shots but opportunities kept coming as they learned how to get into position and be ready.

There are certain sets of rules. There are spectators (other people), commentators (people talking about finance), referees (ASIC) and coach (those who understand that game who will help you develop your skill).

Do you want to be the bench warmer or the goal striker?

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