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In 2016, welfare and social security cost Australians $158 billion which equates to 35% of total expenses in Australia Government's expenses. Imagine a future where that large sum of money could be reallocated into education, improving infrastructure, developing our economy and invested into our medical research. We can create a sustainable society by investing into financial education from an early age. 

Why Intelligent Kids?

We believe that every child is born intelligent. Every person's ability to thrive in the current complex financial world is shaped by their education, environment, and experience. So far, only 1% of the world's population is truly financially independent. Financial literacy is not rocket science, it is just an area that was not focused on our education system. Intelligent Kids provide financial education through simulating real-life experience and interactive role play for the kids to get involved in the financial world and to develop their relationship with money.


How does Intelligent Kids work?

Intelligent Kids runs various programs such as games and workshops that simulates the real economy while addressing the fundamentals of earnings, saving, investing, spending, value of time and balancing your well being.


What is the Intelligent Kids Game?

The Intelligent Kids Game was designed and developed by Intelligent Kids. Through series of testing and proven research on the lasting impact of the game, we now use the Intelligent Kids game as a medium that helps facilitate financial education in a fun and effective, non-complicated way that enables better financial literacy for kids.


Who is Intelligent Kids program for? 

For Kids: This program caters to kids between age 9 upwards. We run workshops and games for primary and secondary schools, sporting groups, community groups, community centres, training organisation, non-for-profit schools, specialty schools, STEM education, Tafe and universities.

For Adults: We run this program for leaders of education provider, parent groups, young adults that are about to enter the work force, individuals that may benefit from better financial literacy 

Our Vision

Educate our future generations to create a society that is financially sustainable

Our Values


We are enthusiastic about what we do and how we do it.


We strive to serve our community by providing quality education.


We constantly look for ways to improve our program to further enhance your experience.


We keep it simple to ensure you have fun in the program while learning about financial literacy.

What People Have to Say

We'd love to share some of our feedback from our students with you. Honest feedback about our program is really important to us because it gives us the insight we need to make it even better.

"It gave us the experience of what it's going to be like when we grow up..."

Mia, 11